Montage was founded in 2001 but was launched as a business in 2008

Creative director, Foti Vrionis, is a dedicated professional with over 14 years of experience in the wedding video industry. Foti strives for an original aesthetic that is at once classical and unique

His extensive creative training includes a Corporate Video Certificate at NMIT and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Cinema Studies (and English) at La Trobe University

To further his professional development, Foti has traveled extensively to complete film courses in LA, Canada and Sydney

Well know in the industry for his professionalism, Foti has worked on a freelancing basis for all the major event-studios and on productions such as short movies, music videos and fashion shoots

Over the past 14 years of industry experience, he has assembled a team of professionals that are creatively dynamic, and, are also simply pleasant people to work with